The Football Academy (TFA) is a niche soccer academy head quartered in Dubai , with FA & UEFA qualified coaches we focus on the local talent pool, to identify the talented, passionate and committed and guide them to playing the highest level of soccer.


TFA builds the most elite players through focusing equally on technical (dribbling, shooting, crossing, heading, tackling ), tactical, strength and fitness and mental strength.

Incepted in January 2016, our mission at The Football Academy is to identify the best local football talent, ages 14-18 years old, develop these talented players, and take them to the next level.

TFA takes a unique approach into its programme, using a successful formula of fitness, technical and tactical sessions to develop the complete football education. Each of our players is also given a weekly personal training program to further work on their specific fitness and technical needs.

Our players are carefully selected and scouted with the aim of continuously developing a spirited team able to challenge for silverwares and produce world class players. TFA is delighted to have the opportunity of working with Dubai's finest players.


Sport Science Classes - Football is a complex sport requiring many factors to produce top footballers. We conduct monthly sports science classes to explore the various facets needed to produce well-rounded footballers such as sports psychology, fitness, and tactics.

Weekly Technical Sessions - Technical skills are the foundation of good football. The skills needed vary from one position to another, with a goal keeper needing different skills than a field player. Our weekly sessions work on the English FA's 5 fundamentals of soccer: Dribbling, passing, shooting, heading and touch.

Weekly Tactical Sessions - Football often comes down to the strategy that a team employs at the end of a close game. We examine and teach team tactics, preparedness and the organizational skills needed to play effective football. Utilising UEFA designed 8 V 8 sessions, we deliver 90 minute sessions training our players in tactical principles of pressing, transition, counter attack and fluid movement.

Set Play Sessions - 50% of goals are scored from set play. We organise a weekly session improving set play, freekicks, corners and even throw-ins.