Coach Duarte

Coach U 10 & U 8

He was born in the south of Portugal and started playing football in his hometown when he was 6 years old. He played until the age of 18, when he joined the University of Coimbra to study Sports Science. During his studies, Duarte was invited to start coaching an Under-11 team at a Football Academy near the University. The following year he had an opportunity to hold an internship in the youth teams of a professional club – Associação Académica de Coimbra, which participated in the premier league of Portugal. He completed the internship successfully and in the following season took over as head coach of the Under-11 team. By the end of his University Degree in Sports Science he coached Under-15 team. After completing his academic course, Duarte taught Physical Education classes and started the specific training in football through UEFA licenses. Duarte has returned to his hometown club to coach Under-11 and Under-17 teams and joins TFA in 2019 to coach a new Under-12 team. Coach Duarte believes that in addition to a good football player there must be a good human being, instilling and encouraging values ​​such as respect, education, solidarity, tolerance and friendship.

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