Terms & Conditions


The Football Academy (TFA) is open to boys between the ages of 04-19. The participant must be at least 4 years of age or no older than 19 years of age on the first day of the TFA season.


All TFA players must be covered with their own medical Insurance.


TFA will not permit any child to participate in the Soccer Program without a registration being form completed. By signing up to the program you give your permission to allow your child to be given medical treatment either by way of first aid by a suitably qualified person or by a doctor. You also consent to your child being taken to a doctor or hospital in case of emergency.


TFA is staffed by accredited Coaches who will implement the highest safety measures. TFA will not be held responsible for damages, injuries or loss of possessions. We strongly recommend that all valuables be left at home. TFA participants may be asked to assume the position of the goalkeeper or play with participants of a different age. The parent/guardian of any child who does not wish their child to assume this position or play with children of a different age must make it known to TFA before payment is made for the Academy. In the absence of such notification, it shall be deemed that the parent/guardian has consented to their child assuming a goalkeeping position or to play with children of a different age if requested to do so by a coach.


Participants must follow the instructions of the coaching staff in charge. Misbehaviour or bullying may result in the participant being expelled from TFA and any fees paid will not be refunded.


Once the fees have been received, a receipt will be issued by email. The receipt is confirmation of your place on TFA. Credit card payments to TFA will carry a 3% processing surcharge.


Upon registration, payment is due in full. Billing is per semester twice a year.

Payments for each term are due no later than the 1st of the month to ensure player placement. If however, payments are not received in full by the 1st of each billing period, TFA reserves the right to cancel placement and allow for players on the waitlist.

No refunds for missed sessions for reasons such as school exams, family vacations, inability to arrive for practice, general sickness etc., will be granted, however, the players are free to make up sessions with alternate teams at their own convenience.

Memberships CANNOT be frozen unless there are mid/long-term medical reasons and/or at our discretion.

All members have the right to cancel their membership given 1 month's written notice. No refunds for missed sessions will be issued.

In extreme weather conditions, we reserve the right to cancel training at short notice to ensure the safety of the players and coaches. Alternative training sessions will be laid on at a later date to compensate. No refunds will be given.